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Is Your Hair Causing You To Appear Older?

Others view your hair as the first physical feature they notice about you. Did you know that the appropriate cut and color may completely change your appearance and, if done correctly, can knock years off your age? So, what does your hair have to say about you? Excessively dark hairHair that is overly dark ages you more than anything else. In reality, as we age, our hair should lighten rather than darken, which is why nature does it for us with those pesky gray strands. Dark hair that is too dark might throw shadows on your face, accentuating creases and wrinkles. Not to mention that black hair against a pale scalp highlights thinning hair, adding years to your overall appearance. ...

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Treatment Options for Dark Circles Under the Eyes

Some of the most prevalent reasons of under eye circles are beyond your control, such as genetics and age. As you become older, your skin thins and you lose collagen (which provides your skin suppleness) and fat. This results in hollows around your eyes, which cast shadows and produce dark circles. Darker pigmentation around the eyes is also typically genetically predisposed. However, there are several things you can do to either avoid or alleviate your under eye circles.   Get Plenty of Sleep Sleep deprivation does not produce dark circles, but it might make your skin paler and highlight any existing shadows. Getting enough sleep will enhance your complexion and make those circles go.RelaxationCold can constrict the blood vessels beneath your...

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Beauty Trends in 2022

We've looked into the future to predict what this year's world's best beauty trends will be. 1.  Pop of Color - We adore a natural makeup look as much as the next person, but there's something thrilling about seeing rich hues making a reappearance in mainstream beauty styles. And the timing couldn't be better—in the middle of a fresh COVID-19 outbreak, we're searching for simple ways to bring a cheery twist to our daily routine. From experimenting with daring colour treatments to dramatic eye makeup. 2.  Cryotherapy - According to legend, Russian Empress Catherine the Great iced her face on a regular basis, and she may have been onto something—a facial massage with instruments straight from the freezer is claimed...

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