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Is Your Hair Causing You To Appear Older?

Others view your hair as the first physical feature they notice about you. Did you know that the appropriate cut and color may completely change your appearance and, if done correctly, can knock years off your age? So, what does your hair have to say about you?

Excessively dark hair

Hair that is overly dark ages you more than anything else. In reality, as we age, our hair should lighten rather than darken, which is why nature does it for us with those pesky gray strands. Dark hair that is too dark might throw shadows on your face, accentuating creases and wrinkles. Not to mention that black hair against a pale scalp highlights thinning hair, adding years to your overall appearance.  Choose face framing highlights that are no more than three shades lighter than your natural hair color. Highlighted strands around the face produce a halo effect, brightening your face, lighting your skin tone, and imparting a youthful glow.

This look is a mess.

Avoid hairstyles that add years to your appearance, such as a shapeless, lengthy, parted-down-the-middle part.  Hair that is overly long may draw down and pull your features with it.  Take a look at a layered lob that sits just below the collarbone. This hairstyle is appropriate for people of various ages, facial types, and hair textures as it will provide you with the necessary lift and length. The face framing layers will provide you with several angles that will highlight your features.

Single color

One shade hair is flat and drab, and it ages you because it lacks depth. Multi-dimensional color is a feature of young hair. Balayage, a highlighting method that imitates the natural sun-kissed look of youth, helps create radiant natural-looking texture.