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Beauty Is More Than Just Skin Deep and I’ll Tell You Why

Being physically beautiful entails more than simply excellent looks. Many people believe that people are born attractive—that fixed characteristics like a lovely face, good hair, or a shapely physique are inherited. Either you have it or you don't.

However, research indicates that there is a different form of beauty, which we term dynamic physical attractiveness. It is essentially a person's inner traits, or the IT factor, as I like to call it. It's something about how she [or he] moved, the expression of a person's personality, physical elegance, and body language that influenced judgments of who was attractive and who wasn't.

The notion that humans have an expressive style, that they are consistent in how they convey parts of themselves in how they move and talk—and even in their handwriting. Do you know that study has shown that emotionally expressive persons—those who spontaneously expressed feelings (especially good emotions)—were more appealing to others?

Personality, and how it is expressed, is important. As we all know, a person might be stunning on the appearance but hideous on the inside, and vice versa. Furthermore, studies show that a dynamic expressive style can compensate for a lack of static physical beauty.

In other words, many people are not traditionally gorgeous or handsome but are nevertheless highly appealing to others.

Attractiveness may be "manipulated" to some extent in this day and age. Dress, cosmetics, and physical fitness may all influence judgments of beauty. But we all know that it takes more than that.