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Simple Ways to Screen-Proof Your Skin

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it can only be a good thing at this time to be away from our devices.   It is scientifically and personally well known, that our screens are not doing a great deal of good for our skin, as well as being an eye strain.

The blue (or highly visible energy) light they emit will penetrate into the deeper layers of our skin (as UVA sun rays) and break down collagen and elastin that accelerates aging and skin cell inflammation.

Scientific evidence further confirms it, demonstrating genetic and cellular modifications in human skin cells, close to our electronic instruments, which were subjected to artificial visible light.

Our skin cells essentially either get smaller, die, or at least don't function as well as they can. With Strong Beauty Life's revolutionary Blue Light Defense Daily Protection Face Cream, you can reduce the adverse effects of blue light and boost your skin's natural security.

This innovative cream mixes natural ingredients such as red algae, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals which work together to protect your skin against oxidative stress from blue light while also helping to increase your skin’s collagen levels.