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Simple Skincare Tips to Incorporate Into Your Holiday Beauty Routine

Oh the pressure of the holidays will definitely make anyone look like a drag.  Here are 6 steps you might want to add to your holiday skin care routine:

Cleanse Your Face

Having a calendar full of family bonding activities, holiday must-dos, and get-togethers every few days are truly exciting. But don't forget to wash your skin before enjoying what the day has in store for you! This cleans your face of last night's perspiration and grime while also providing a new foundation for your day's appearance.

Use Ice to Refresh Your Face

This is the time of year when you exceptionally in a rush to beat the holiday shopping hordes.  Exhaustion coupled with sleep deprivation can be seen on your face as dark circles under swollen eyes. A cold compress, which helps minimize swelling in sensitive under-eye skin, is a fast remedy for a fatigued appearance. Use cooled spoons or ice cubes to gently press on the afflicted region. After putting your favorite eye cream in the fridge overnight, you may apply it.

Keep in mind Skin Prep

Apply moisturizer and primer before applying makeup, and your appearance will endure till the evening. A moisturizer with hyaluronic acid and aloe vera helps keep your skin nourished. Meanwhile, primer creates a barrier between your foundation and your skin, preventing sweat from fading your makeup. It's also a good idea to use sunscreen.

Apply Lip Balm

Are you concerned that the slightly cooler air may cause your lips to become dry and flaky? Fortunately, there are easy methods you can take to treat chapped lips, one of which is swiping on some hydrating lip balm on a regular basis. Look for an SPF lip balm.

Don't go to bed with your make-up on.

You may be tempted to pass out on your bed after a night out, but if you do, you may wake up with acne, sore eyes, or dry skin. Keep your eyes open for a few more minutes and remove your makeup with a face cleanser or micellar water.

Detox and unwind

Make a day for yourself to just breathe and refresh. Put on a soothing soundtrack, get yourself a mug of your favorite warm beverage, and relax in a face mask.