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Pandemic and Student Life: How to Overcome Obstacles

As schools reopen for children, it is critical to listen to pupils and learn about how their mental health and well-being have been affected.

In previous years, forming friends happened naturally as a result of meeting people in a variety of social contexts. COVID-19 necessitates a more methodical approach. Regardless of how many friends you've made so far, using the same strategy can help you expand your social network.

Determine all of the physical and virtual locations where you can meet people. Consider how you can carry on conversations with the people you encounter. Try not to seek out the ideal person or group of people. You're developing a network, not looking for the perfect person for you. Seek out people that are enjoyable to be around and who can contribute to your network, even though you wouldn't want to see them every day.

Another significant development in the student experience is the online delivery of many lectures, classes, and seminars. This might be difficult since it can be difficult to concentrate and stay interested for lengthy lengths of time during a video conference, and it may be more difficult to clarify the things you find difficult to understand when your teachers or classmates are not there physically.

However, there are several things you can do to make the most of your new learning experience. Treat online classes in the same way that you would in-person classes. Make each class time an appointment and schedule it on your calendar. You might find it useful to dress as though you were going to a physical class.

Participate in activities and conversations as much as you are able. Re-watch strategically; one of the major benefits of online lessons is the ability to re-watch them. You don't have to watch everything again; instead, concentrate on the bits you didn't comprehend.

We've never been through something like this before, so we have no idea what the future holds. That lack of certainty can be disturbing, to say the least. First and second-year students are anxious about the future of their course, while final-year students are contemplating life after graduation. Consciously attempting to address the thoughts and sensations that arise can assist you in avoiding feeling overwhelmed.

Accept the truth of the circumstance as best you can. We may work to change and better reality once we embrace it. While we strive to ignore it, wish it away, or lament the unfairness of things being unknown, we are powerless to change anything.

Pay attention to your feelings and concerns. Recognize and convince yourself that it is normal to feel this way because you are in an uncertain circumstance. Begin by determining what you can manage, as there will be activities you can do to raise certainty about the items you're worried about.

We must all reach out and assist one another as we deal with the tremendous changes brought about by the Pandemic. Recognize that we are all in this together and that we must support one another to overcome this crisis.