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New Year's Resolutions for Better Skin in 2022

Yes you guessed it right!  New Year's Resolutions are also applied in the Beauty Department and here's a few easy to abide by tips:

  • Be Consistent

When beginning a new skincare routine or even utilizing one new product, the most important recommendation is to be consistent and patient. Sticking to a regimen or a product over time is far superior to slathering a bunch of things on your face and hoping for the best. Changing products often may cause skin irritation. In fact, it may take eight to twelve weeks for a new product's noticeable benefits to be noticed.

  • Twice a day, cleanse your skin

Everyone should wash their skin twice a day. To begin with, cleaning wakes you up in the morning. However, skin must be cleaned in order for your lotions and active ingredients to penetrate more effectively. If you use powerful products in the evening without washing them off, they will interact with whatever you use in the morning — and that will be on your skin for 24 hours.

  • Use a Serum

Serums are often utilized to transfer some form of active ingredient into the skin, whether that's a hydrator like hyaluronic acid, vitamin C for brightening, glycolic acid for addressing hyperpigmentation, or retinol for reducing fine lines and curing breakouts.

  • Reduce the frequency of your routine

Many individuals question if they need to use a particular bedtime moisturizer, and the answer is no. Some individuals use a thinner moisturiser in the morning and a thicker one at night, but if the lighter or richer one works twice a day, that's OK.

  • Try a skincare device

At-home facial devices are recommended, particularly for younger people. Try items that will increase circulation, such as the SBL's Gua Sha tool, a facial roller, or an LED mask. Using LED light, these face gadgets help to reduce skin discoloration and even outbreaks.

  • Stop exfoliating too much and double cleaning

Excessive exfoliation and double cleaning can cause irritation, resulting in painful, red, flaky skin.