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Discover Your Skin Type

Did you know that there are five different types of healthy skin? Normal, dry, oily, mixed (oily and dry skin), and sensitive skin types are available. THE NORMAL SKIN - This skin is neither too dry nor excessively oily. It has a consistent texture, no flaws, and a clean, soft look, and it does not require any particular maintenance. HYPERSENSITIVE SKIN - Sensitive skin is more likely to react to stimuli that normal skin does not. It has brittle skin and is frequently accompanied by discomforting symptoms such as heat, tightness, redness, or itching. This skin type loses its barrier (or protective) function, allowing germs and irritating chemicals to penetrate and raising the likelihood of infection and allergic responses. It...

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Feng Shui's Lucky Colors for the Year of the Tiger 2022

A new year provides an opportunity to begin again. We pray for good fortune and optimism in the next year to help us succeed. While many beliefs promise success, ancient methods such as Feng Shui can also assist welcome in wealth into our lives.Feng Shui, a discipline that believes in harmonizing energy to bring luck, riches, and good health, was taught to us by Chinese culture and according to Chinese astrology, the year 2022 will be the Year of the Water Tiger, will bring a confident and authoritative energy to all.  Here are the five elements and lucky colours as you embark on a brand new journey with hope and confidence in 2022, welcomes positive energy and dispel negative ones....

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Beauty Trends in 2022

We've looked into the future to predict what this year's world's best beauty trends will be. 1.  Pop of Color - We adore a natural makeup look as much as the next person, but there's something thrilling about seeing rich hues making a reappearance in mainstream beauty styles. And the timing couldn't be better—in the middle of a fresh COVID-19 outbreak, we're searching for simple ways to bring a cheery twist to our daily routine. From experimenting with daring colour treatments to dramatic eye makeup. 2.  Cryotherapy - According to legend, Russian Empress Catherine the Great iced her face on a regular basis, and she may have been onto something—a facial massage with instruments straight from the freezer is claimed...

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Skin Care Trends to Watch in 2022

As health and wellbeing became more prominent in the aftermath of the worldwide pandemic, the skinification of beauty increased in 2021. It was no longer enough to rely on primers and highlighters to get a healthy glow; we needed hardworking actives and hero ingredients to renew our skin on a deeper level. As more and more people are becoming aware of the anti-inflammatory component of life, as well as the fact that inflammation creates problems with our general health and causes skin dysfunctions. This suggests that we're shifting away from certain trends, such as Retin-A or acid peels, in order to strengthen the skin as an organ, skin barrier function, and our microbiome, and toward an anti-inflammatory skincare regimen and...

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New Year's Resolutions for Better Skin in 2022

Yes you guessed it right!  New Year's Resolutions are also applied in the Beauty Department and here's a few easy to abide by tips: Be Consistent When beginning a new skincare routine or even utilizing one new product, the most important recommendation is to be consistent and patient. Sticking to a regimen or a product over time is far superior to slathering a bunch of things on your face and hoping for the best. Changing products often may cause skin irritation. In fact, it may take eight to twelve weeks for a new product's noticeable benefits to be noticed. Twice a day, cleanse your skin Everyone should wash their skin twice a day. To begin with, cleaning wakes you up...

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