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The Top 5 Self-Care Gifts

Unlike many holidays that had passed, these past 2 Christmases during a pandemic makes you think more about what you truly want for yourself that would bring more meaning to ones existence. Here are 5 gifts I wish everyone would give not just others, but themselves as well:

1. Take the Time to Rest - You have the ability to accomplish everything but burning yourself out simply to prove yourself is no way to live. Give yourself a break, meditate... it's Ok. Your work and your life will be much better.

2. Let Love In - Allow love to come in and allow yourself to be loved or appreciated in return. Life is short, live it!

3. Excellent health - This applies to both your body and your mental state. They are intricately related. Find a fitness routine that you love doing, eat right and always pay attention to your emotions.

4. Embrace Uncertainty - The only assurance in life is that there are no guarantees. And that change is constant. The sooner you give yourself permission to befriend the unknown, the more you'll learn how brave you truly are.

5. A fulfilling career - During the week, you spend the majority of your waking hours at work. If your artistic, emotional, and intellectual demands aren't addressed, that's a lot of unhappiness. You're far too talented to devote your talents to anything that doesn't satisfy your interests.